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Begin Your Mac Trade In with PowerON.

Are you frustrated with the performance of your old Mac?

Don't give it away or recycle it. It's time to consider trade in! PowerON is your Mac trade in specialist and our program is ideal for any person looking to trade in their used Mac. The process is fast, easy and offers you higher value for your used Mac.

Apple Trade In

We know it's difficult to sell a reliable and stylish Apple product you love. Even if it's one that has been tucked in a closet, left to collect dust, while you enjoy your new Mac. Don't let the remaining residual value of your old Mac slip away in the darkness.

PowerON accepts the vast majority of Apple products, including the MacBook Pro, Macbook Air, MacBook, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch, Mac Pro, Mac mini and iMac. We use an easy to understand "Working" and "Non Working" product condition evaluation to simplify the trade-in process. Our goal is to reduce e-waste through reuse. Our trade in program will help to extend the lifecycle of your Apple product. PowerON has been buying and selling used Apple products for over 25 years. We have consistently received the highest customer satisfaction scores from our trade in customers and partners througout the years.

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Why Trade in Your old Mac?

Why Should You Trust PowerON with Your Mac Trade In?

Fair Market Value

Higher Mac Trade In Values

We take pride in offering our customers the best value for their used Apple products. We use our own proprietary pricing algorithm to determine the Fair Market Value of each Apple product eligible for our trade-in program. Market analysis includes pricing from leading retail online marketplaces, historical trends, depreciation rates, and other key indicators.


Reuse to Close Digital Divide

Since 1994, PowerON has been in the Apple product reuse industry. We have proven strategies to extend the life of used Apple products. Our highly skilled team works to repair, refurbish, clean, and sell products into secondary markets. Your old Mac will help to close the digital divide by removing a low cost Apple product.

Data Security

Secure Data Wipe of Apple Products

PowerON understands the importance of data security and will permanently erase all data from your mac trade-in. We follow industry leading standards including: National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST Pub 800-88), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and PII Removal (NIST Special Publication 800-122). You won't have to worry about your data being accessed by the new owner.


Recycling Benefits Our Environment

PowerON is a R2:2013 Responsible Recycling certified company. This means we work only with trusted downstream partners to ensure the proper handling of all end of life material leaving our facility. We are committed to reducing e-waste with sustainability practices which reduce the overall environmental impact on the planet.

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