local_offer Trade-In any eligible "Working" device and get payment as a Visa® Reward Card1.


Shipping Instructions

Ship your products safely to PowerON.

Safeguard your product by following the appropriate packaging and shipping procedures.

Consumer trade-in customers have two options available for shipping product(s) with value to PowerON after receiving a quote.

1. FedEx Pack and Return Program

This is the default and preferred method for shipping product(s) to PowerON. This method expedites the trade-in process by alleviating the time needed to ship packaging materials.

Take product and email to FedEx Office

Simply take the product(s), along with an email you receive containing your Quote/RMA number to a FedEx Office Print & Ship Center location.

Provide email address used to get quote

If you forget the email, don't worry! Just give the FedEx Office Team Member the email address used when creating the Quote/RMA.

FedEx will packaging and ship for free

The FedEx Office Team Member, using the FedEx Pack and Return System, will provide the appropriate box, securely package, and ship your product(s) for FREE!

2. PowerON Provides Packaging Materials

This method must be requested by phone or email. It will delay payment due to additional business days required to ship materials to the specific location.

PowerON will send shipping materials and a return shipping label. When packaging the product, be sure to include all accessories (cables, adapters, mice, keyboards, etc.). Failure to include any items you told us about when the quote was calculated, or sending us a product which does not match your original description, may impact the final value of your product and may result in a recalculated quote.